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Fairfax Agricultural Media  
Integrative, Innovative and Strategic

Targeting rural Australians in the most effective way requires a combination and integration of media. This unique group of Australians live their values, with a hard work ethic, integrity and honesty, they are not easily persuaded. You must engage them, earn their trust and be consistent to be successful.

Our agricultural papers have a strong powerful connection with rural Australians. Traditionally they have been in the household and read for generations. They are valued for being a trustworthy, reliable and an unbiased source of information. Our content is quality and business decisions are made from our papers and websites. We reflect their lifestyle and values.


In such a unique market, we know that by using our long standing connection with farmers, and years of industry knowledge our team can exceed your expectations in delivering this market to you.  We will do all the leg work for you.  Using current and reliable research we can bring you up to speed with this market and offer strategies that are imaginative and effective.

Our commitment and relationships with our clients are ongoing and not short lived. We will deliver service that reflects our pride and integrity in our work.  We are genuinely passionate about rural Australia and we know how to develop powerful and long lasting relationships with this community.